Welcome to Pacific Connect

Getting Started

Pacific Connect is excited to announce a free series of workshops, mentoring sessions and meetups for Pacific Islanders wanting to develop and improve their business and technology skills. These training opportunities are designed to complement the other activities of the Pacific Connect program e.g. dialogues, projects, networking to ensure members of the Pacific Connect Community can continue building knowledge, skills and connections across the Pacific. 


ICDP is working with partners to build a suite of business and technical workshops & associated resources that can be accessed by Community members on an ongoing basis to support career development.

Step One - Join or Login to the Learning Management System

Please sign up or login using the link in the page menu to join and view your courses.

Step Two - Join a course

Once you have logged in or completed the sign up process you will need to join the course itself. 
  • Click on the “Join Group” button on the right side of the screen
  • You will be asked for a “Group Key”, enter the code you were provided and click “Join Group”
  • If you have not been provided with a “Group Key” for your course, please request one using the contact information in the next step.

For Coding and e-Commerce users:

Remember to join the WhatsApp group

Remember to join the WhatsApp group that has been set up as well and use it to ask questions and interact with our growing network -- https://chat.whatsapp.com/KVuKdAR0wklGhy4dOT7nf4

Questions & More Information

If you have questions on anything or need more information, please email Brian (brian@itsup.com.sb) or ask in the WhatsApp group.